Selecting and Blending Ritual Oils For Your Needs

There are hundreds of named conjure oil formulas and they address hundreds of named conditions -- but sometimes the condition or situation with which you are dealing is not quite covered by one oil. 

Let's say, for instance, that you are seeking regular employment at good wages. You'd probably select Steady Work oil ... and if you were a lawyer hoping to do well in court, you'd probably choose Court Case oil. So, if you were a lawyer hoping to get a job at a big firm, where you'd have regular employment AND be expected to do well in court, you could mix up a custom blend of Steady Work oil, Court Case oil, and a dash of Crown of Success oil to aid in your long-term career goals of fame and recognition. 

Likewise, if you owned a small business and wanted more customers, you might choose Money Drawing oil, and if you were an exotic dancer hoping to get noticed, you'd do well with Look Me Over oil ... or, since an exotic dancer relies on men for money, you could also choose Cleo May oil, a favourite among working women who make their money from men. But if you were really clever, you could mix up your own custom blend of all three ritual oils: Money Drawing for good business in the bar itself (even though you don't own the establishment), Look Me Over for having attention directed toward you personally, and Cleo May for getting male customers to give you big tips.

No matter what kind of job you have, if you want your boss to treat you better, you can use Boss Fix oil, and if you want the other folks at your workplace to stop backbiting you, you will find an ideal formula in  Stop Gossip oil -- so if you have both a tough boss and a bunch of squabbling hens for fellow workers, and you want to be made a manager and get a year-end bonus as well, then try mixing up a special batch of Boss FixStop GossipCommanding, and Pay Me -- and let the chips fall where they may, asking in prayer that no one will oppose you, hold you down, or stand in your way.

When it comes to mixing and blending conjure oils, feel free to try as many combinations as you like. You may create a wonderful and new oil -- and one that is all your own -- as a result of your experimentation.