LMC Cowrie Shells (12)

The Sacred Grove

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The COWRIE SHELL is a natural biological curio that has been held in high repute as aMagical charm since the earliest days of human life. Because it has a unique vulva-like appearance and comes from the ocean, it is a sacred symbol of the Love Goddesses and Sea Goddesses of various cultures. There are hundreds of species ofCOWRIE, with shells of differing size, pattern, and colour. The most common is the GOLD RING COWRIE. Over the ages,GOLD RING COWRIES have been traded as money, used in systems of divination, and worn as protective amulets. They are also used in magic spells to symbolize the genitalia of a specific woman, both in love work and in enemy work. We make no spiritual claims for COWRIE SHELL, and sell as a lovely, genuine zoological Curio only

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